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Reduce fuel costs and emissions simultaneously

Our Delta Zero Cement solution enables substantial efficiencies in the use of fuel in cement kilns, resulting in lower costs and emissions.

8% ↓

Energy costs

Zero Capex

No capital investment

20% ↓

Fuel-derived emissions

Fast Implementation

Climate impact today


Saved every year

Immediate Results

Achieve financial and ESG goals

Delta Zero Cement

Our Software Platform analyses feed rates, sensor data and control parameters to provide clear quantified recommendations to reduce the mass of CO2 emitted per useful heating value (kgCO2/UHV), resulting in lower fuel costs and lower emissions.

Our recommendation engine is powered by Deep Reinforcement Learning, a powerful branch of artificial intelligence that can efficiently handle complex relationships and provide effective pathways for process optimization.


No, we have deliberately designed the platform as a human-in-the-loop solution, meaning that the plant operator maintains control over production processes. Delta Zero Cement provides specific and quantified recommendations to be actioned by the operator.

Get Ready for Net-Zero